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So I have decided that I will cut my work hours. I do not want to remain at the job, but if I have to at least I won't have to be there often changing diapers and smelling shit all day. I am going to take time out to improve my health, finances, and outward appearance. I have no idea how rough this will be but I plan on doing it. I believe it will make me happier and give me more time to spend with my daughter and friends. I want this new year to be the begining of something special ( ME!!!!) I have been helping people and leaving myself out. I want to immerse myself in work with a purpose. I go to work and do the same thing all the time and it is exhausting physically but not stimulating mentally. A trained monkey could do my job. Maybe not but it does not require much intellect. I hate that fn job. I hate that I work there, I don't like the way that I am treated. I know that is how the work place is. Happiness is important with out it people leave this physical world. I want to try to get some type of enjoyment from this place before I croak. Being an Atheist makes me want to enjoy the physical world now.

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Posted on 12:17AM on Dec 10th, 2012
lol. I am writing a paper for a friend even though I have to work in the morning. And I am helping someone else and I have finals to study for. I have been there 5 years almost and not even a dollar raise yet. I will have to be there for like 10 yrs before I see 12$ It is dumb on my part CNA work is all I have to say.
Posted on 12:33AM on Dec 10th, 2012
I will. You are right. Im calling out and going in late. I am just so unhappy there. It is not worth it anymore, I can get a better job.
Posted on 01:22AM on Dec 10th, 2012
I will. You are right. Im calling out and going in late. I am just so unhappy there. It is not worth it anymore, I can get a better job.
Posted on 01:26AM on Dec 10th, 2012
I can't let them fire me because I still need them for a reference. I will ease myself out of there. They beg me to stay when I say that I want to leave or go per-diem. I will ignore them this time. They've done too much to me for me to list.
Posted on 09:11PM on Dec 10th, 2012
I just wrote the later changing my hours so I will not be there that often and I will still have a paycheck and be able to focus on school and my baby girl.
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