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Ok so I bailed on a test today. I pretended to be sick because I was so busy this week that I did not have time to study. I know bad. Then today I planned on studying but then I went to go get tested with a friend and it took so much time. So I wanted to work per-diem and focus on school since my body really hurts from my job and I fear that things will get much worse if I choose to stay. So I do plan on finding something else. I wanted to be a waitress but no openings, though there should be because I have seen some crappy and sometimes gross wait staff workers. So now I have to look for a new field. I want to go to hair school but I am not sure how to start it. I mean I can probably take my moms clientele since she is hardly at work and I may be able to get financial aide. I know that no one wants to go to you if you are new but I think that it would be a better career choice than CNA, where your body takes a beating everytime that you start and the pay is crappy. The benefits are the only good thing. Now about moving my mom had a hissy fit when my sister decided to move out and my brother already left so if I leave she will be double pissed but she sucks as a mom. She is just an evil woman. She so messed us up so that she could use us for as long as possible.

None of that really matters I will see how much the other hair schools cost. I know that thing in NJ just cost more because thats how it is out here. I will still go for the nursing just not right now I will wait for next year or next fall. I would rather do hair anyway. Ok that is all.

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