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I sometimes am running low on energy. But now I am about to move. I have been losing weight. I just cut back and stop eating at like 6 pm. So far I have lost 5 pounds yeah me. I have a lot more to go but that is at least 5 less. In the next two or three months I plan to be out of the 200s and then I feel that it will be easier from that point on. I have 28 pound until that happens.10 to 15 pounds a month should do the trick. I have not excersised. Mathew Mc. said that its more to do with what you put in the the energy exerted and seeing as how he is taking his role way too far. I will go with what he says. They could just do it digitally, why risk your health for a role. Especially when you are a known actor. Oh well, I am suppose to move in some odd months and I did not pack a box yet. I wonder how soon I should start the packing lucky for me at my job I can get some decent boxes. I already have like 5 but I will need a lot more. I also plan to save my papers. Now I will slowly purchase things like bubble wrap and package tape. I will not miss this little place but I do have a lot of memories here. It has not been horrible just slightly unpleasant. I still have not made up my mind yet. I want to  go somewhere warm but I want access to the beach. It is important to me even though I don't go all the time. I am not going to school next semester because I am done with prereq. I wanted to take that bio class one more time but I don't think that I will have the money in time. I will try to get a better grade. I was going to look for another job but what is the use when I will just be leaving before the year is out. I think that I will start packing 2 months before I leave but I will need help. Maybe I will just have to pay to have the car transported because I don't need help with any furniture seeing as how I don't have much. I only own one thing that I would need help with but I am not taking it because I do not think that it can take another move.  A part of me is so scared since Jersey is all I know but you have to do what you have to do at times. Its gonna be so weird I have moved out on my own but never like this. To a place where I don't know anyone. I mean I do have a few friends that have moved down south but not like my bf. I don't plan on making any I really just want a better life.  I just have to make sure that I don't move anywhere racist. I will continue to do my research and I hope it goes well.

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