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Ok I have had power now for a few days. I felt cut off from the world and ill prepared for Sandy. I actually felt my house shake, I never thought that I would feel that here. I had no kit, all I had was a small flashlight that I purchased from Walgreens last minute. Someone was kind enough to give me a candle. I use to be scared of candles but what choice did I have. I acutally fell asleep with the thing on but it was in this huge thick glass vase and when I woke up it was still burning. The first day of the storm I was not really worried I though that it would be like Irene so I just called out from work and waited.

I was confused on when the actual storm was going to hit. After a few hours I thought that it was not so bad and went out and did some grocery shopping, it was after I posted it on my fb account then one of my old friends let me know that it would be hitting later. When that wind began to howl and my house started to shake, I was so scared. I did not know what would happen. I have never experienced anything like this before, I know that it seems silly but I thought that there was a real possibility that I would be killed in this thing. I just went to bed and hoped for the best. When the wind blew I felt it. It would blow real hard then there would be a brief calm, then it would begin again. I tried to calm down but I just kept getting anxious with every burst. Finally I fell asleep and was determined to just get to work. I did iron my work clothes 10 minutes before the power went out so I was ok to go. I was also fortunate to have hot water. I had no clean clothes but the most important one was taken care of. I also cooked food the night before just so we could have something to eat. I had no electricity so I had no idea how bad thing were. I wen to work like normal. Some people had difficulty getting in but I was fine. Then I heard that my job had no electricity, I thought no biggie, they have a back up generator and it should be good for months. Then I find out that we had free breakfast, how thoughtful of them. It was not that good but what beats free. I scarfed it down then went to work, no time to waste, it gave me a stomach ache though. Then I went home to my dark house after stopping by the babysitter. So we ate food from work and left overs and played some board games. I was ok with it at first, but then I became stir crazy. It was so early but there was nothing left to do but sleep. Day two, I had no work so I went to my friends house. I thought that I could get some studying there since my house was so cold, She had heat but a lot of little visitors, they were boisterous, but they gave my little one a break. Then we go outside and talk to the neighbors and joke and tour their old slave owner house and talk about the  haunted house. We were cold but no one wanted to be indoors, we were out there well past dark. It was enjoyable but I did not want to go back to a dark house that was cold. But what could I do. I went back and ate cereal. Then I went to sleep, I had no idea what was going on because I had no access to the outside world. I was in this little bubble getting bits and pieces of what was going on. Finally the radio starts talking about it and I felt sad for a lot of the other people who lost everything. I do think that people need to stop living in flood areas and near the beach but that is not possible yet. I am worried about one friend that I know lives there. I know that she was not there during the hurricane but I hoped that she had a home to go to. At 5 am Thursday morning ( give or take) I see light, I was elated. I actually called people, only because I had no idea when I would see it again.

So now it has been close to a week. I have no idea what is going on with school. When I call they say check your email. That pissed me off, not all of us have generators or phones that come with all these features, I just can't afford the bill. So I have no idea what is going on. My job is still running on a generator, which does not work how I thought it would. I thought that it would be business as usual. I can't go into what those things are but we have made due with what we have to work with. Now there is so little gas that they have implemented this odd even thing. Some people are upset by it but I think that it is a wonderful idea. I put some gas in and I feel bad that I only waited like 10 minutes, granted I did have to drive to three gas stations along the way before I found it. I was like lost asking people if they knew where the gas was. I called my boss, since she sent me on that goose chase. I am going to thank her to pieces tomorrow. Anyway I was not really planning to go, I can be cavalere about things at times. I drove home to drop people off then went back in the direction I started at. I don't care though I do not mind helping people out. Now I post this, I did know that there were people who waited 6 hours but I just post things sometimes.

Then I see a post from an old school mate that lives in South Jersey, she was chastising those posting those comments because she felt that it was rude to the people that live near the water that lost everything and had no idea if help would come. I do see her point, it is hard to know where the help is and if it is safe. I wanted to apologize for boasting. I realize now that it was distasteful. I said nothing because I know her and she knows that I meant no harm by it. But it has helped bring me down a few notches. My problem are trivial compared to others. Today is the first time that I saw the pictures it was tough. I just don't know what we Jersians are going to do. Some of us are ok for the most part and some of us are destitute, I would help if I could but I have very little and I just can't. I only have a boxes of pasta and sause and a few cans and 2 gallons of water. I have no money to give and I am an atheist so I can't even pray for them. I don't know what will happen and it scares me.

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Posted on 12:25AM on Nov 4th, 2012
=/ its going to be a tough ride but, it'll be ok.....i hope. glad you're safe
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